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  • health-icoA prosthodontist is a dentist who has also completed two to three years of advanced training in an ADA – accredited education program. The successful completion of both dental and prosthodontic board examinations is necessary to practice prosthodontics.

Facilities & StaffFacilities & Staff

Enclosed in your welcome package there will be an appointment card where you will find a map on the back of the card to help you locate our office. Please feel free to call the office if you have any questions prior to your scheduled appointment.

Choose Your TreatmentChoose Your Treatment

The correct choice of treatment for you will be a matter of your needs, and your priorities. We schedule consultations in a relaxed environment to assist you in your decisions. Perhaps the most overlooked aspect of carefully thought out treatment planning is the 'open ended treatment plan'.

Brushing Your Teeth ProperlyBrushing Your Teeth Properly

There is probably no greater range of qualities, expertise, and cost among dental services offered in the United States than with dentures. Constructing your dentures from start to finish in my personal lab assures you the best results attainable.


Accidents happen! Trauma care usually involves the highest level of expertise. I have treated everything from gunshot wounds to dog attacks to automobile accidents. Probably the most common source of injury is occupational.

One Last Round of Holiday Dental Health

Christmas and New Year’s Eve close out December, which means the 2016 holiday season is almost over! We discussed how to keep your teeth clean and healthy during Halloween and Thanksgiving, and now we focus on this last round of holiday dinners and parties. You and your teeth have made it this far this year, and we are here to help you through these last hurdles!

  • Do not fill stockings with candy. In recent months, your teeth already endured Halloween candy and Thanksgiving desserts. Since you will likely have more desserts at holiday dinners/parties, then try avoiding loading your family’s stockings up with candy bars and other sweets. Gift cards and gift certificates are perfect for stockings.
  • When not at home, take travel dental care. Many of us travel for holiday dinners. Often, it is many hours before we return home and get a chance to clean our teeth. Make sure you take a small bag with you that contains your floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash. This way you can clean your teeth quickly after eating and don’t give any food and drink time to stick to and harm your teeth.
  • For snacks, stick with cheese and vegetables. Many holiday parties serve alcoholic beverages. If you drink any of them, be sure to eat cheese in between sips. Not only does cheese counteract the acidity in alcoholic drinks, but cheese has calcium that is excellent for your dental health. Vegetables are also perfect snacks for their healthiness, especially those high in vitamin A. Vitamin A strengthens tooth enamel, and some of the vegetables high in this vitamin are sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and broccoli.